Whether banging out a set of saloon songs at a Michigan watering hole, or settling back for an evening of singing at a fire ring afterward, Dave Boutette will hold listeners as long as they keep the lights on or until the rain starts. Stories, advice, observations, or raffles are as apt to appear during a performance as are his songs. Blending many schools of American roots and popular music including folk, blues, swing, and old time country, his songs testify to the power of true love, rebirth, snow plows, and migrating fish. If you get the chance, stand next to Dave. Besides feeling taller than you actually are, you may start to see some things in an entirely new light.

Dave is Host above all Hosts, Master of Musical Ceremonies, Maker of Music – this man can single handedly keep you entertained from dawn to dust. Since 2006 Dave has been keeping BIMF crowds smiling and informed with the who’s who and what’s up for the day. Making Dave’s performances even more delightful is his charming wife former Rockette Kristi Davis Boutette. She not only adds beauty to the stage but her talents as an accomplished singer and dancer. You can now visit them at our new Breakfast Club serenading wake up hour. Great food and a show too! Just what every festival needs.