Kung Fu Rodeo

Kung Fu Rodeo is a Northern MI band that has created its own signature sound – “Swonkey” A mix of Rock/Funk/Country that has its own feel and soul.
Able to change musical styles as quickly as the weather changes in their home state of Michigan, Kung Fu Rodeo presents a show based in high energy rock and roll and peppered with Americana, funk, soul, reggae, jazz, and more. Having already staked a reputation as a “must see” band at a number of festivals in their home region of Northern Michigan.

KFR’s approach to music is simple and time-tested: write good songs, perform them well, put on a good show, make the people dance, and do it with a sense of humor. Own the covers you play or don’t bother playing them. Work hard to keep learning and improving. And always…ALWAYS…let them see you sweat.