Libby DeCamp & Olivia Mainville

Out from the quiet orchards of Romeo, Michigan, Libby DeCamp has spent her adolescence in close companionship with bodies of music and literature, among hinterlands of horses and history. Driven by a will to connect on a raw, human level and stir to compassionate action, she began writing and playing songs in her early teens and she has harnessed that experience and verve into a new sound to be shared.

Honeyed vocals ride atop of banjo and guitar-led ballads, chanties, toe-tappers, and blues propelled by unconventional percussion and accent instruments with a ragtime-era warmth. Steeped in the rich cuttings of American roots music and sprigs of inspiration from the curiosities of man and nature, Libby delivers a heartfelt and engaging live performance with passionate relevance to causes both near and dear, and dusty bygones. Dabbling in an array of genres, the soundscape is captivating; innocently dark and best described as “Broken Folk.”

Of her own volition, Grand Rapids-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Olivia Mainville dove headfirst into the world of music as early as the fifth grade, when she had begun playing viola and upright bass in orchestra class. Following her first Wheatland Festival in 2012, Mainville fell in love with the idea of performing her own songs on stage, which eventually inspired her 2014 gypsy swing and baroque pop debut EP, Full Steam Ahead.

Since the release of her first solo output, Olivia has forged a unique path within the Mitten scene, becoming known for her energized, dynamic performances and gargantuan musical talent. Olivia Mainville’s multifarious, enthusiastic delivery is sure to be a hit with listeners everywhere.