Artist Submission

BIMF Friends and Artists,

We are always glad to take submissions and are actively searching for new and talented artists to perform at the Beaver Island Music Festival each year.

So many artists and fans have asked us after the deadline (December 1st) or have that group that they know and would love to have a chance to see at the festival. You now have that opportunity and will have all the requirements to submit to BIMF.

We will continue to have Thursday as an evening of music, so there are more opportunities to have fun and enjoy. If your group is interested in performing at our festival the deadline for applying is December 1 of each year. Any applications received after this date will be considered for the following years festival. Remember to keep submitting we take applications all year!

It is very important in our selection process that you include:

  • information about your group-brief bio
  • size and list of all band members that would be attending if selected
  • what kind of music do you perform-genera
  • links and websites
  • contact number
  • CD is not necessary if you can provide links to samples of your music and information about your group.

Please send all of your press kits to: BIMF Selection Committee PO Box 23, Beaver Island, MI 49782 or an email with this information to

Our committee makes all of their selections by January 31 of each year. We select based on quality, originality, diversity, personality, desire to perform on Beaver Island, and try to have only one group from each musical category. We have also established a performing rule that no band can play the festival more than 2 years in a row (no exceptions) and must wait at least 1 year before reapplying. This rule has been put in place so that we can continue to bring a diverse and new festival to Beaver Island each year. If your group is chosen to perform for this year’s festival you will be contacted shortly after the final selection date. We will try to have our final line up posted by March 1, of each year.

If you are not selected this year please continue to submit for future years and remember that we have an open-mic session that is open to all performers during the festival. You can register for a slot any time after February 1, of each year.

A special note to all artists that have applied to or performed at our festival before:
If we have received all of this information concerning your group from past years, everything about your group remains the same, and we have a current CD, all you will need to do is e-mail me to reactivate your application.

We continue to keep all submissions to our festival each year for the convenience of your group and our selection committee.

We look forward to hearing from your group and wish you good luck for this year‘s selection!