The Beaver Island Music Festival is both possible and successful because of the support of our generous sponsors, artists and friends. Sponsors provide support with both cash and in-kind donations with a package available for every business or individual. All sponsorships are customizable. In turn, we provide our sponsors with BIMF passes, meal tickets, t-shirts and so much more.


BIMF is the largest visitor week on Beaver Island and has generated the highest rate in returning visitors. The island’s primary economic development strategy, for decades has been to get people to come and visit—and the Beaver Island Music Festival, with its unique array of musical performers, music-in-the-woods vibe, and family-community-based approach, has become a mainstay in the effort.

The Beaver Island Music Festival brings thousands of people to Beaver Island every year to experience the natural beauty, community spirit, and frankly, to spend money in a place that depends on summer visitors for the great majority of its economy. BIMF strives to create and find
the best opportunities to promote Michigan, Beaver Island, and our advertising sponsors!

Our events have something for everyone reaching a very large and diverse group of people. We believe that there is no better way to ensure successful and future business than bringing people together with great memorable experiences. BIMF offers visitors the enjoyment of an
amazing outdoor festival while promoting our advertising sponsors, Beaver Island, and Michigan business.

In order to meet our mission and provide the community with unique, art, music, and outdoor experiences, we need your help! We ask that you make a commitment to support the festival by purchasing advertising with us. Every advertising sponsor is important to us and we work hard to increase traffic for your business. Do not let this great advertising opportunity pass! 

Last year:

  • Festivalgoers continued to increase.
  • We doubled our signs, banners, and advertising materials. Were in more publications and
    media. Advertisers received a proud sponsor yard sign to highlight their business.
  • We upgraded our website with more advertiser acknowledgements and links.
  • Our website received over 195,000 actual page visits with 900,000 hits.
  • We added radio advertising and live broadcasting from the island with WKLT.


This year:

  • We have bands such as Gunnar & the Grizzly Boys, are working with local television station
    9&10, new radio programing, and much more music around Beaver Island, adding to our
    fantastic festival events. See our site
  • The success of National Geographic Channel TV series The Boonies aired last January. It
    featured Dan and Carol Burton festival founders and their home the site of BIMF and will
    continue to bring many more visitors to Beaver Island.
  • Our sponsor network grows each year with new vendors, companies, and organizations.
  • We are also expanding with a new event Beaver Island Eco-Fair in June.
  • BIMF will expand its advertising area and promotional materials.
  • We are launching a new site that will reach an estimated 25% more actual visits and well
    over a million hits.
  • BIMF will continue radio advertising covering several months and throughout the year.
    There will also be television coverage for Beaver Island over the festival weekend.