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All BIMF tickets are available below. Children 12 and under are FREE. Camping is FREE with your festival ticket purchase. Camping at (Beaver Island Hideaway Campground) will only be available to festival ticket holders Tuesday – Tuesday festival week. We no longer send physical tickets. We ask you to save your receipt in paper or on your phone it is all you will need for the festival. If you forget it we will still have your information and you can use your drivers license to claim your tickets. You will receive our flyer with the line-up and a ferry schedule in the mail as we approach July. We will also have your Ferry Ticket waiting for you at the Beaver Island Boat Company in Charlevoix and your return trip in the Beaver Island office. You will never have to worry about losing or remembering your tickets. We have you covered! If you should have any questions about your trip please give us a call at 231-838-2883 and we are here to help. NEW! Group discount packages Island Airways Package: 6 Adult Round Trip Plane Tickets, 6 BIMF 3-Day Passes, 18 BIMF Meal Tickets, Free Shuttle Service   Ferry Package: 10 Adult Round Trip Ferry Tickets, 10 BIMF 3-Day Passes, 30 BIMF Meal Tickets 

vip packages


You will be invited to join our committee for BIMF’s 2019 or 2020 Band Selection meeting & festivities in January. A recognition musical note plaque will be displayed on the festival stage & Band Sponsor acknowledgements throughout the festival. (Silver VIP included with plaque & as a Band Sponsor)


8 BIMF Hoodie, 24 BIMF Meal Tickets, 8 VIP 3-Day Passes with Back Stage Drink Pass, Unlimited BIMF Passes at 1⁄2 price


4 BIMF Hoodie, 12 BIMF Meal Tickets, 4 VIP 3-Day Passes with Back Stage Drink Pass, Up to 10 BIMF Passes at 1⁄2 price

GOLD VIP - $1,000

2 BIMF Hoodie, 6 BIMF Meal Tickets, 2 VIP 3-Day Passes with Back Stage Drink Pass, 5 BIMF Passes at 1⁄2 price


1 BIMF Hoodie, 3 BIMF Meal Tickets, VIP 3-Day Pass with Back Stage Pass, 2 BIMF Passes at 1⁄2 price