Jesse Ray and the Carolina Catfish is simplicity with volume. This band boasts Jammie awards for all three of their studio works published. They will bring the live performance you have yearned for, with Jesse Ray’s powerful guitar, cutting harmonica, and rock’n vocals, to  Dingo Hopp’s audacious percussion.

Starting with open mics in Grand Rapids MI, Jesse Ray and the Carolina Catfish have pushed forward to perform across the nation. From South By Southwest in Austin Texas to basements in NYC. Jesse Ray and the Carolina Catfish have never stopped bringing their energy to every nook and cranny they’ve found themselves in.

The band is taking it’s high energy shows to new places, and faces around the United States and beyond.  Influenced by blues, punk, and rock-n-roll with a small dash country; hard hitting guitar, splitting harmonica, rambunctious drums, and crooning vocals will lay in the wake of this band’s performance.

If you’re a fan of back to basics or “old school” rock-n-roll, this is a band you won’t want to miss.