Samuel Acus

Samuel Acus was born in Michigan with a mandolin in his hands. (Not really, but it sounds more dramatic that way.) Living in Ohio early on, he picked up the ukulele as soon as (actually before!) he was able to hold it without dropping it, which was about age three. When he was five, he saw his dad playing a mandolin, and he thought it sounded fun, so he wanted to do it too! His dad taught him how to play simple chords and melodies, and that kid really dove into it! ?

Sam has been really lucky to have some great teachers over the years including Lee Bayliss, Grant Flick, Jamie Masefield, Tom Cleary, Will Patton, David Gusakov, and his dad helped out a couple of times when he was without a teacher. He?s really looking forward to continuing to learn and share his music.