Beaver Island Music Festival

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July 18, 19, & 20, 2024!

Carver Commodore

“On the cusp of a new page in history, we’re given refreshingly imaginative rock with conviction, purpose, and craftsmanship. New decade, new life, Tell Me What You Want drips with on-the-floor rock that electrifies on every level and delivers on its promise. This is the kind of rock you ride with. For your safety, let Carver Commodore drive.”


Carver Commodore is an alternative rock band from the modest town of Florence, Alabama. The band comprises guitarist and vocalist Payton Pruitt, guitarist Phillip Blevins, drummer Noah Freeman, bassist David Smith, and multi-instrumentalist Clayton Christopher. In contrast to the “swampy, soulful sound” that put their hometown on the map, Carver is known for fusing garage, indie, and pop influences into stadium-worthy rock anthems. Modern alt-giants like Cage the Elephant, Jack White, and The Strokes tend to inform Carver’s guitar-laden hooks, recording aesthetics, and signature sticky songcraft.