Beaver Island Music Festival

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July 18, 19, & 20, 2024!

Nathan Walton and the Remedy


     Nathan Walton touched down with a splash on the big American Idol TV show. Since then, he has proven that he can swim home on his own. A voice that conjures up hard times and good vibes, hard living, and thanks-giving. A band, the Remedy, that is just stacked with talent from top to bottom, the prime vehicle to drive these messages home all night. “Nathan Walton has the Remedy for what ails you with his pure American music. From a growl to a whisper, from a gentle strum to a soulful roar, this is music for a great night out.” – Chad Michael Wedeven.

     Collecting a group of diversified musicians along the way, Nathan formed The Remedy- a family with as much heart as talent. Drummer Zach Dubay is fueling the groove with a solid foundation (and some mind-blowing solos), while Doug Watkins lays down the funky basslines. Colin McCorkle rounds out the rhythm on keys and lends his voice to soaring three-part harmonies along with vocalist Shelby Andenno. Amaad Hardy’s soulful guitar solos infuse passion into each performance. Elevating the sound to new heights, Mason Viilo and Owen Timmerman effortlessly blend their dynamic saxophone skills, creating an irresistible and unforgettable sound that captivates audiences. With a musical synergy that’s simply unmatched, we are on a mission to make you feel the music deep in your soul and keep you dancing all night long. Get ready to groove and experience the best music magic around!​