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Patrons of the Arts in Rural Communities believes that our community has the power to accomplish some pretty incredible things. We see it every day! The campaigns you support, the causes you rally behind, and the projects you bring to life, are what keeps the beat going. We need your help to support musicians and the cultural arts to keep the music flowing. Make your tax-deductible donation today just click Donate Now! Without your support, we cannot bring back this great tradition.

This will be another exciting year full of firsts and uncertainties. There will be new challenges and changes to consider but together with your help we can move forward and make “MORE FUN IN 2021!”

PLAN A: Beaver Island Music Festival 2021 (live and in person) and/or music in safe distancing locations over the festival weekend.

Supporting the Cultural Arts in Rural Communities – Since 2003 the Beaver Island Music Festival, an annual community-based event, has grown a vibrant cultural community on a remote Lake Michigan island. PARC is dedicated to creating ways to retain and support artists, personnel, festival goers, and community members who have been affected by the many cancellations by trying to minimize the devastating economic impact. We plan to continue events, either in person or by creating new platforms, that will support the mission of our organization and make sure this vital asset to our rural and isolated community does not disappear. These artists represent the cultural history and spirit of the island with a combination of traditional and current music. The Festival means much more than a set of musical performances. It is a way of bringing people to Beaver Island every year to experience the natural beauty, community spirit, enjoy talented musicians, and support an island that depends on summer visitors for its economic resilience. In the coming months we will need your support to keep moving forward into 2021. Beaver Island Music Festival 2020 will become BIMF 2021 with artists returning for a stronger festival.

It is also with deep and sincere appreciation that we say thank you to the artists, businesses, sponsors and supporters that have stood by us in an attempt to save this vital event. It is people like you, working together, that continue to make the world a better place. We can survive this ever-changing storm of uncertainty and bring events back. Music is the medicine we need! We look forward to seeing you in this year.

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(PARC) Patrons of the Arts in Rural Communities, is a community based not for profit 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. ANNUAL FUND REPORT