Paul Niehaus

Paul is also a life-long learner…learner of all things!!! Paul grew up in Chelsea Michigan an only child of a mother who graduated from the Detroit Conservatory of Music who loved piano, classical music, and sang opera. Paul loved jazz and playing any instrument which made a sound except a reed instrument. Thus the conflict between what he was told he had to learn in music and what he felt when creating non classical music.

His second love was anything that was living, creeping, crawling, or swimming and thus his field of education quickly went to the biology/botany side at U of M. In order to share his love he majored in education and started teaching as an assistant at U of M prior to his public teaching at Pioneer High School and then State University of New York, Adrian College, and the part of the founding fathers of Washtenaw Community College where he taught several different science course…but most importantly became a member of the Big Jazz Band of WCC and made a life-long friend of Morris Lawrence, Director of the music program at that time. They became instant brothers in music…writing, performing, recording and loving every moment of Morris’ New Orleans breed of jazz.

In 1994, Paul retired from the formal classroom, became a Professor Emeritus and started teaching only two classes a semester…and as it would happen, Morris past and Paul started backing away from his travel to Ann Arbor each day After one year, when Liz retired they started reevaluating what they wanted to do in education and continued to refit their lives with the starting of the educational consulting business. The rest is history…more time on Beaver, more music, more and different ways to aid in the education now of teachers via grant work and professional learning opportunities.