Beaver Island Music Festival

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July 20, 21, & 22, 2023!

The Burney Sisters

Olivia, Emma, and Bella Burney are a seismic sister trio with an ever-evolving folk/rock/indie sound.

Both older sisters dabbled in instrumental music lessons early (Olivia on piano; Emma on violin), but their interest quickly waned. The traditional childhood music repertoire just wasn’t their jam. Instead, the girls steeped themselves in popular music and daily family singalongs. The girls honed their vocal skills in this music-rich environment and grew conversant with harmony. Learning to sing together was built upon “what sounded right.” And it was magical. The girls’ abilities grew at a pace and proficiency that immediately set them apart—even garnering them an invitation to provide backup vocals on a friend’s album. That serendipitous experience proved to be pivotal.  Both girls agreed that performing was fun, but now they wanted to play “their stuff.”