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July 18, 19, & 20, 2024!

The Orbitsuns

Riding their tired old horses across Detroit, their saddlebags stuffed with bourbon, Coney Island hotdogs and worn Johnny Cash cassettes, are the Orbitsuns, the Motor City’s finest purveyors of low-down and dirty outlaw country. Summoning the spirits of all of their brethren, the Orbitsuns are as outrageous as Iggy, as blue-collar as Seger, as dark as Alice, as revolutionary as the MC5, and as boundary-crossing as the Kid. This is country, folks, but not as you know it. It was 1996 when Dombroski discovered his talent for writing fire n’ brimstone, honky-­‐tonk hoe-­‐down from Hell cow-­‐punk music, and before long, he found himself with a gun case full of songs that would shake the dust from the oldest Stetson, but wouldn’t fit Sponge’s repertoire comfortably. The obvious solution was to form a new band that could roam from dive bar to social club, avoiding the spit n’ sawdust on the floors to bring the party to everyone from the hipsters to the ignored. The band, completed by Jimmy Paluzzi on drums, Bob Hecker on bass, Jeremy “Leroy” Bilitz on guitar, and Liz Fornal on vocals, are one of the most intricate workings in Detroit. In this town, that’s saying something. Their debut album Redneck Disco was initially released in 2001, simultaneously introducing the world to a band that had been honing its incendiary live show since its inception.