Beaver Island Music Festival

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July 18, 19, & 20, 2024!

Artist Submission

Now accepting artists' submissions for 2025

BIMF Friends and Artists,

We are always glad to take submissions from artists, and there are many opportunities to perform at the Beaver Island Music Festival or our other events. We select artists of originality, diversity in multiple genres, and desire to serve on Beaver Island.

Please note: Our annual submission deadline is November 1st of  the year before next festival. 

To make the application process easier, you can now submit it below! If you want to apply or know a group you’d love to see at the festival, you’ll find all the requirements to advance to BIMF below.

It is essential in our selection process that you include the following:

  • contact number
  • email
  • number of performing members that would be attending if selected
  • what kind of music do you perform-genera
  • information about your group-brief bio
  • links and websites (CD is not necessary if you can provide links to samples of your music)

Please send press kits to BIMF Selection Committee PO Box 23, Beaver Island, MI 49782, or email with questions.

Our committee makes all of its selections after November 1st of each year. We select only one group from each genre. Note: No group can perform at the festival for more than two years in a row so that we can continue to bring new talented musicians to Beaver Island. We will contact you by mid-January if your group is chosen to perform for the current year’s festival. We will try to have our final lineup posted no later than April.

If you are not selected this year, please continue to submit for future years, and remember that we have an open-mic session open to all performers during the festival.

We look forward to hearing from your group and wish you good luck with this year’s selection!

Apply Now for 2024