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NO TICKETS AT THIS TIME / Festival Cancelled for 2020

After months of deliberation and hard work invested by the PARC board, community partners, and artists, toward finding safe ways to continue this small and isolated music festival the decision has been made to cancel. We do so with great thoughtfulness and heartfelt struggle at ending such an important summer event.

With more information, significant decreases of illness, smaller number of people allowed to gather, safety measures in place, and an executive order allowing outdoor events, we felt that it would be a safe, healthy, environmentally friendly, venue to share music and support artists, festival-goers, and businesses that are and continue to be significantly impacted by the shut down. We also felt that it would help our society start to heal from the chaos and traumatic time the pandemic has caused. However, some still feel very opposed no matter what steps we take. We feel that this diversity in opinions could impact the people whom we are striving to share hope, joy, relief, and inspiration. Our goals are and have always been to support both the arts and the island and we, as the board, have agreed to allow rather than defend so that we may redirect our efforts to focus on what we can do to serve that does not provoke resistance. The PARC board will be actively doubling its efforts to rebuild for 2021.

Since 2003 the Beaver Island Music Festival, an annual community-based event, has grown a vibrant cultural community on a remote Lake Michigan island. PARC is dedicated to creating ways to retain and support artists, personnel, festival goers, and community members who have been affected by the many cancellations by trying to minimize the devastating economic impact. We plan to continue events, either in person or by creating new online platforms, that will support the mission of our organization and make sure this vital asset to our rural and isolated community does not disappear. These artists represent the cultural history and spirit of the island with a combination of traditional and current music. The Festival means much more than a set of musical performances. It is a way of bringing people to Beaver Island every year to experience the natural beauty, community spirit, enjoy talented musicians, and support an island that depends on summer visitors for its economic resilience. In the coming months we will need your support to keep moving forward into 2021. Beaver Island Music Festival 2020 will become BIMF 2021 with all artists returning for a stronger and larger festival.

It is also with deep and sincere appreciation that we say thank you to the artists, businesses, sponsors and supporters that have stood by us in an attempt to save this vital event. It is people like you, working together, that continue to make the world a better place. We can survive this ever-changing storm of uncertainty and bring events back. There is no better feeling than gathering to enjoy a magical moment that connects us together. Live music, community gatherings, and human interactions cannot be replaced or forgotten. Music is the medicine we need!

See you in 2021!

(PARC) Patrons of the Arts in Rural Communities

All BIMF tickets are available below. Children 12 and under are FREE. Camping is FREE with your festival ticket purchase.

NEW!  3-Day Ticket Packages Include: 3-Day Pass, Round Trip Ferry Ticket or Round Trip Plane Ticket, 3 BIMF Meal Tickets, Festival Shuttle Pass / Island Airways Package Adult or Teen-Senior  / Ferry Ticket Package Adult or Teen-Senior 

Island Airways Package: 6 Adult Round Trip Plane Tickets, 6 BIMF 3-Day Passes, 18 BIMF Meal Tickets, Free Shuttle Service

Ferry Package: 10 Adult Round Trip Ferry Tickets, 10 BIMF 3-Day Passes, 30 BIMF Meal Tickets 

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Camping at (Beaver Island Hideaway Campground) only available to festival ticket holders. No physical tickets but you can save receipt in paper, on phone, or use drivers license to claim festival tickets. Ferry Ticket pickup is at the Beaver Island Boat Company in Charlevoix and your return trip in the Beaver Island office. You will never have to worry about losing or remembering your tickets, we have you covered! Information and schedules will be sent in the mail as we approach July. If you should have any questions about your trip please give us a call at 231-838-2883 we are here to help.

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You will be invited to join our committee for BIMF’s  Band Selection meeting & festivities in January. A recognition musical note plaque will be displayed on the festival stage & Band Sponsor acknowledgements throughout the festival. (Silver & Gold VIP included with plaque)


8 BIMF Hoodie, 24 BIMF Meal Tickets, 8 VIP 3-Day Passes with Back Stage Pass, Unlimited BIMF Passes at 1⁄2 price


4 BIMF Hoodie, 12 BIMF Meal Tickets, 4 VIP 3-Day Passes with Back Stage Pass, Up to 10 BIMF Passes at 1⁄2 price

GOLD VIP - $1,000

2 BIMF Hoodie, 6 BIMF Meal Tickets, 2 VIP 3-Day Passes with Back Stage Pass, 5 BIMF Passes at 1⁄2 price


1 BIMF T-Shirt, 3 BIMF Meal Tickets, VIP 3-Day Pass , 2 BIMF Passes at 1⁄2 price