Beaver Island Music Festival

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July 18, 19, & 20, 2024!

General Info

Location: Beaver Island Hideaway Campground

28599 Hideaway Trail, Beaver Island, Michigan 49782

Beaver Island Music Festival promotes the variety and tradition of all music and art. We want to create opportunities for all artists, be an educational resource, and strongly encourage community and family involvement in an outdoor environment combining nature, renewable energies, music, and artwork. Our main goal is to bring attention to the beautiful world we live in (especially Beaver Island) by uniting these talents and people.

Rules & Guidelines

Updated: Smoking and Vaping Policy

Smoking or vaping is prohibited in the mainstage area or crowded areas. We ask that you respect your fellow festival-goers and keep all smoking at your camp or in designated areas. 


Please mind your butts! Cigarette butts can start fires that endanger us all. Dispose of butts in the designated fire pit or red fire cans. It can take up to nine months for a cigarette butt to decompose.


Updated: Pet Policy

Pets are allowed; however, they must always remain on a leash. They cannot create a disturbance. Pets are NOT allowed in the stage area. Pets can be in the seated area if you are sitting with them. Pets must be kept behind the sound booth and away from crowded places. 

We know your pet is like family, but if found breaking this policy, you will be asked to leave the festival grounds immediately. This policy is for the safety of the animal and attendees; the festival environment can be very stressful for animals leading to bites and other incidents. Anyone bringing an animal to BIMF will be responsible for and liable for any damage or injury caused by the animal. 

Wrist bands must be worn on your right wrist where they can be seen all weekend. Persons without wrist tickets will be given a chance to get one or ejected from the Festival. Anyone 21 years of age or older must have a drinking wristband, no exceptions.

Name tags will be available at the ticket area and Kids Tent. Children’s name tags should include parent name(s) and any critical medical information.

Workers will be available 24 hours a day to handle problems. Their Staff t-shirts can identify them. If you need to report an injury, a fire, have too rowdy neighbors (we strive for a family environment), or want assistance with any other problem in your area, these are the people to go to. You can also report concerns in the ticket area.

Beaver Island Music Festival is dedicated to collecting and recycling all reusable materials, such as glass, tin, and cans. Look for collection containers located all around the festival grounds. Please take time to clean up your campsite, dispose of your trash, and use the recycling containers. Keep our facility as intended, and please use caution when smoking cigarettes. We ask that you be respectful of others when smoking and to dispose of butts in the designated fire pit or red fire cans to avoid accidental fires and to keep the grounds clean (FACT: It takes nine months for a cigarette butt to decompose)


There is phone service, and most cell phones will work at the festival. There will be an emergency radio on-site with our First Aid staff, provided by the Beaver Island EMS and Fire Department. This is exclusively for the use of emergencies.

Stereos, amplifiers, radios are strictly prohibited at the campsite during the festival event. Do not videotape or audiotape Festival performers. If you wish to acquire a copy of their recordings, please visit their booth, where tapes, CDs, and videos will be for sale.

The design of the music festival t-shirt is created by Bayard Kurth and will be on sale in the main stage area. The sale of any other festival t-shirts is strictly prohibited.

Unauthorized vending is not allowed at the festival. Violators will be evicted from the festival grounds. Authorized vendors will be located in our vending area.

We have designated parking zones, camping, visitor, handicap, and emergency. Attendants will be on hand to assist you. Please do not block roads to have clear access to emergency and priority vehicles. During the festival, Hideaway Trail is a one-way road.

Please use caution when driving.

Do not use ropes or flags to reserve sites.

Do not block trails or driveways.

Be considerate of your neighbor’s space.

Stay within campsite location.

No private fires.

No driving or parking in the campsite area.

There is designated parking for campers.

There is one designated campfire location that will be tended and monitored by Fire Watch Volunteers. Fireworks are prohibited.

Staff shirts are only to be worn during your volunteer shifts only. The shirt must be removed when you are not working.

All firearms are strictly prohibited. There will be no exceptions to this for the comfort and safety of all guests.

NO BOTTLES. CANS ONLY. You will be asked to show your cooler and return bottles to your vehicle. This is for everyone’s safety. Please recycle your cans.

Any adult over 21 must be wearing a drinking wristband in clear view. Underage, the person(s) in the possession or under the influence of alcohol will be evicted from the festival for that day. Further abuse by a minor will result in being referred to Sheriff’s Department and permanent eviction from future festivals.

Adults who create problems will be referred to the BIMF Staff. Failure to cooperate or improve a situation will result in eviction from the festival.

Further problems or failing to follow the recommendation of BIMF Staff will result in Sheriff Department action.

Secure your alcohol or coolers when not in attendance at the campground or festival area.


Get Here: Travel Info

Beaver Island is precisely that an Island. Travel to and from the island is done in only two ways, by boat or plane. If you are traveling on the island, we suggest that you plan for at least a month. It is essential to schedule vehicles as soon as possible to make sure you have a space reserved. You can do this by contacting…

Beaver Island Boat Company @ 231-448-2210 (See the schedule here)

Island Airways @ 231-448-2071

Fresh Air Aviation @ 231-448-2089

Beaver Island also offers several marinas. The Beaver Island Marina @ 231-448-2300 and Beaver Island Municipal Marina 231-448-2252 for those who may wish to take the journey across Lake Michigan on their own.

View the shuttle schedule by clicking below


Camping is located right on site of the Beaver Island Music Festival home. Free camping for the festival with the purchase of your festival ticket and Children 12 and under are Free.

For more information about Beaver Island Hideaway Campground, click here.


Beaver Island is precisely that an island. Travel to and from the island is done in only two ways, by boat or plane. If you are traveling to the island, we suggest that you plan for at least a month. You can do this by contacting…

Beaver Island Boat Company @ 231-448-2210
Island Airways @ 231-448-2071
Fresh Air Aviation @ 231-448-2089

Beaver Island also offers several marinas. The Beaver Island Marina @ 231-448-2300 and a Beaver Island Municipal Marina for those who may wish to take the journey across Lake Michigan on their own.

There is a campground, Beaver Island Hideaway Campground, located at the site of BIMF. Camping facilities are FREE for ticket holders during the festival. The campground has several areas to choose from, Main Camp, Trail Camp, and for campers who wish to camp quietly or with small children, there is a separate designated area called Quiet Camp. We closely monitor Quiet Camp, and it is viewable at all times from the ticket area. The campsite is located a very short distance from the main event grounds.

We offer a rustic camping environment with restrooms, drinking water, and handwashing stations. Food vendors are on-site Thursday thru Sunday. There is no electricity, and we do not allow fires at campsites. There is a large campfire burning most of the day and night in the main festival area, and small grills are allowed for cooking. Refer to Facility Information for more details about our grounds.

If you prefer not to camp Beaver Island offers many other alternatives for lodging. We suggest that if you choose to stay in town or rent a cabin, you make reservations as soon as possible. Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce

SPECIAL NOTE: Please visit other Beaver Island websites and the Chamber of Commerce to learn more about our island and the many things to see and do while you visit. Plan some time or an extra day to visit our local businesses and restaurants’ historical sites, check out the natural environment (beaches, walking trails, etc.), and enjoy the life of Beaver Island.

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